The Person Behind the Camera

MeFrom the time I was born I had a camera in my face. My Aunt Mimi loved taking pictures. Her love of photography inspired my mother and father. My parents loved wildlife photography. They used to go out every chance they had either to local parks and other wonderful locations in Pennsylvania to capture images of their favorite animals. They especially loved capturing images of the Elk. Which is an endangered species in Pennsylvania.

Watching the elation they all had in capturing moments in time, filled me with joy. I loved seeing them get so excited when they got their pictures back in the mail (oh yes the wonderful days of sending out your film to get it developed). They could not wait till their next shoot.

This made me want to get my hands on my mothers really expensive camera and huge telephoto lens. Each time I asked her if I could use her camera, I got a stern “no” in response.

As time went on I began to purchase affordable cameras. My favorite was my point and shoot Kodak Easy Share camera. It is then that I discovered that I had a knack for capturing images. I eventually saved up and bought my beloved DSLR Nikon Camera.

When I take my camera out of the case I am hopping and praying I can capture the beauty of a moment, or God’s magnificent creations. The world is so beautiful. There is simple and complex beauty every where I look. My drive is to translate the affect it has on me into an image I want to share with all of you. My hope is that the photo’s will inspire and encourage you to enjoy this beautiful world around you.


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