What Does A Photo Say to Me?

On my usual drive, driving my daughter back and forth to school, I like to really see the world around me as I pass things by. I tend to see moments as photo opps…I am sure I am not the only photographer to do this. For example the elderly couple walking arm in arm every morning. In my mind I see a photo of two hands, worn by time, but their love as new as the day they met. I see a house covered in Ivy with a bright red door and a black iron bench in the front yard. A man walking his four dogs off leash every morning. I see devotion and love for his pets. I see the sun climbing the horizon changing the skyscape as I travel home. I see the day pushing on with no one to stop or slow it down.

Moments (every one of them) are beautiful and thats what I like to capture with my lens. Real life moments. Poses are great for the mantel, to be framed and always remembered. They also take a great deal of talent and experience to capture them perfectly. For me I want to see a memory, a living breathing moment captured forever. I want the emotion to translate through my lens. I am still learning, just when to push that shutter button, but when it happens, when the moment is captured…it’s just magic.

Lowry Park Zoo 2011 180 zooapr16wm


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