Happy Monday


Monday always seems to come back around, whether you want it to or not. It’s the beginning of another work/school week and the end of an often too short weekend. Did you enjoy your weekend? I sure did. I spent the weekend preparing my butterfly/bee gardens. We like to plant several host plants and colorful blooms to do our part in increasing livable space for an ever decreasing population of bees and butterflies. All are so important to the ecosystem. I know many people love butterflies but are not to keen on the bee. I find bee’s fascinating. They are amazing creatures. What I found surprising was the variety of bee’s that visit my garden. In the days to come I’ll post some pictures of the flowers and the visitors…cause well it’s part of my world…and as I see it…it is a beautiful one!

Enjoy your week…and don’t let Monday be a point of disappointment. Instead take it in from a different perspective. Take notice of the view as you commute to work/school. Allow that image to fill you with peace or humor…yeah sometimes we see some pretty interesting things on the commute…and when the day gets tough, revisit that image. Have a wonderful day!



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