Seeing it From a Different Angle

I once had the opportunity to have a professional photographer take a look at my work. Art, I feel, is incredibly subjective. With that being said I was VERY nervous she would not like what she saw. Her feedback was very simple. She told me I took really good pictures, had great composition and a great eye; I just needed to change my angles a bit. She went on to explain that if the picture I was taking came from the same basic angle the photo was not unique and may not capture the viewers eye. I came to understand that angles really are everything. It can take an everyday picture from “oh thats nice” to “wow that’s beautiful”.  Here are a few examples to illustrate my point. 

This picture is taken from a very basic angle. Sure it is pretty enough but it lacks that special something that would draw the viewers eye in and even capture them enough to want to take a second look.

This is a photo of another crepe myrtle; however in this photo the angle is more up sweeping and has the blooms fill the bottom of the frame and reach for the heavens. It translates differently then the image above.

Here are just a few more pictures taken at a less typical angle.


A beautiful hibiscus bud just a day or two before it bursts open.

My majestic ginger tabby Mufasa taken in the sights of the world. The angle here was from the side to help capture his eye. Sometimes when you take a picture of a cat head on you get a nasty reflection and the eyes loose their beauty.

A beautiful succulent plant in full bloom.

I have to say this is one of my favorite photos. I angled my camera to peak through the branches towards the sky. The interesting thing about this picture is I captured the blooms from two trees instead of one. This added beautifully to the composition of colors.

We have these weeds that grow along the fence line. They are an amazing rich vibrant pink, buzzing with all sorts of life. I have never seen so many varieties of bees and wasps in one place.

As you can see I tried to stay away from an eye level point of view to capture and create something new for my viewer. Eye level shots certainly have their place in photography; however it is important to step outside of the everyday “frame of view” and create something new to look at. A different angle can make all the difference for a good shot to a great shot.


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