Tender Moment

Stray Cat and Me

One of my favourite things to do as a photographer is to capture the magic of a real moment as it is occurring. In all honesty it is not as easy as some would think. In fact if the moment is special enough there is a tremendous amount of pressure to get the photo right. This is why I do not do weddings! 

This moment was very special indeed. This cats name is Pumpkin and he was a feral kitten that our neighbours took in. He is very friendly with them because they are his food source.

As for other people he has always been very scared; however my daughter seems to have a natural ability for getting stray animals to come up. Of course she has this amazing gift for patience when it comes to animals.

In this picture Pumpkin so badly wants to make contact, but is very uncertain he should trust this human. For about 15 minutes he paces around her meowing, eager to be touched, but to scared to allow it. My daughter remains in this position waiting for him to approach her.

Then finally we make contact and the purring began. You can see the contentment in his face when he finally receives that loving touch.


In these pictures I put the colour focus on the two main subjects adding deeper contrast and bloom. I also blurred the backdrop so that the subject in the forefront popped more out of the image. I also used vignette in my photo editor darkening the outer edges of the photos for effect. When taking these pictures I used the multiple shoot setting. This helped me try and capture the right moment. When taking multiple shots there is no guarantee you will capture the perfect  moment, it just increases your chances of it. Shutter speed, lighting and the movement of your subject could effect the photos outcome, so multiple frames setting can be your friend or your enemy. The best way to master it is by trial an error.


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