Magic in Photo Editing

I absolutely love capturing the magic of  a moment; but sometimes the picture does not match the memory. Maybe the lighting was all wrong, or the subject of the shot just does not translate well. When I first started taking pictures I always had grand images in my head and sometimes I caught that image in a photo. When I failed to get the shot I so desired I ended up feeling disappointed. Photo editing opened up a new world for me. It gave me an avenue in which to accomplish getting the subject and then making it fit what I creatively had in mind. Let me give an example so I can show you the difference.



Now for me I saw something beautiful. A young teenager having a child like moment in time. However, in my opinion, the photo fails to translate the magic.



I feel this image refocuses the viewer to the girl, which was my intended subject matter. I used a focal zoom feature from I also used an effect they call Bokeh-ish. This added the little circles on to the image to add a wet lens effect. I think it added texture and artistically expressed the magic of the moment.

Here is another example from the same photo-shoot.



This is a nice enough photograph but I felt it was lacking a richness. I wanted to enhance the contrast and saturation of colors to make the picture pop just a little bit more.



With some softening, eye brightening, a little bit of bloom and some vignetting the picture comes across richer.

NOTE: is a photo editing website that is completely free, but you do have to be a member to access all the features. I am not a representative for nor did I receive any form of payment to mention them in my blog. I simply love the ease of their application. I also use a free software program called Photoscape.


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