A Day at the Park

Rainy Day At The ParkRainy days are often my favorite days to go to our local community park. I like the lighting challenges that I often find. It gives me a chance to play with the setting on my DSLR or one of my point and shoot cameras. Yup I use an array of cameras to capture my photos. Sure a DSLR can offer a wider variety of opportunities, but it has been my experience with a little creativity and ingenuity you can capture the image you are after. This is a shot of the Hillsborough River. It provides habitat for all kinds of wildlife. If you sit on the boardwalk long enough you will see so many amazing animals.

Here are two different kind of ducks that have made this area home. You have the male and female mallard duck and to the right is a mascovy duck. Mascovy ducks are not native to Florida and are considered an invasive species. They were at some point illegally introduced to the population. Now there are very few watery places without them. 

Riverview 2014 006-01 edit wmThe image below is a female Mascovy duck. Females are much smaller in size and the red on their face is smaller than the males. An invasive species of duck found all over Florida.

An invasive species of duck found all over Florida.
A great place to sit and watch the river critters go by.

A great place to sit and watch the river critters go by.

After some hiking up and down the board walk I enjoy sitting on one of the park benches and just being still. We live in such a beautiful world with so much to see. I often wonder to myself just how much we miss out on in the busyness of our days. I try to make it a point to stop, look and enjoy the feast we have been given for our eyes. I try my best to capture it, share it and let others experience it as I see it. The best way to truly experience it is to slow down for just a moment when you can and just enjoy.

With that being said I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and don’t forget to notice something new today.

(NOTE: You can left click on any of the images above to get a better look at them or simply visit the Photo Gallery in the menu above)



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